Project Aims & Objectives

The aim of this project is to generate a comprehensive framework for understanding the ways in which machinima (‘machine-animation-cinema’), a form of digital interactive user-generated content, adds cultural value to creative and cultural sectors. As a form of highly creative content blending of artistic and film-making skills with gameplay and computer technologies competences, it has attracted a wide range of participants from home-based enthusiasts, to amateur film-makers, to established digital artists in film, animation and arts sectors.

Increasing activity within the community of machinima practitioners (‘machinimators’) has impacted on our understanding of the role of computer games beyond gaming, digital interactive performance and social participation genres, and influenced developments in creative and cultural industries and new media platforms. Despite its now massive following and popularity primarily among gamers, machinima remains a largely internet-based phenomenon which few outside the online communities and digital arts scenes have heard about albeit many will have first hand experience of it. Therefore, the specific objectives of this project have been to:

The research reported on has used a qualitative design to investigate and explore the pertinent issues arising from the emergence of this important cultural and creative phenomenon outlined in the research objectives above. Appendix 1 describes the research methodology in detail.

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