V-learning (‘leaky-walled’) channels

Works distributed in this quadrant are not intended for general viewing. Entry to these channels is granted by invitation, registration or, in the case of monetized models, through subscription. It also differs from Walled Channels as machinima is not considered to be confidential or restricted. The ‘opt-in’ framework is similar to those found amongst the Gaming Channels, although here the subject matter and themes are unrelated to game-play or gaming culture.

Instead, it is suggested that all machinima distributed in this quadrant will in some way lend itself to the dissemination of new knowledge and ideas, either as part of a formal, directed learning programme (e.g. MOOC) or through scenarios based around interactive play or simulation (e.g. Serious Games). We therefore describe this quadrant as virtual-learning, or v-learning channels. We do not see this as the same e-learning, which is internet enabled, because it uses a game context to add depth and richness to the learning environment through enhanced and immersive performance-based experiences.

Machinima here will not be completely hidden from general audiences and permission will be granted for selected works (or excerpts) to be viewed outside of the channels. This ‘leaky walled’ model enables examples and introductory material to be appear in domains where the potential audience (e.g. new v-learners) may reside.

Machinima distributed via these channels will encourage audience participation and interactivity, with viewers also becoming central to some performance. It necessitates that the audience learns the rules of participation sufficient to engage in the core activities of some scripted action. For example, a machinima broadcast of a lecture or seminar based in Second Life© will document not only the actions of the principal character (the ‘teacher’ or ‘professor’), but also of those other audience members in attendance (the ‘learner’).