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02 Apr 2014

Review of literature and films over the years has led us to draft a taxonomy that sits along two clear dimensions.

Some of these are mutually exclusive but others seem to be unique.  The basis for perfect capture is evidently historical, where Quake and Doom were founding games of creation and production tools apparently limited. As tools emerged whether for gaming or other purposes, so they have influenced the evolution of machinima resulting in screen cap, asset compositing and ‘bespoke’ animation.  Alongside this, as games have themselves evolved from simple to complex formats, then so too creative juices of machinimators flowed – from fan fiction to parody, to political, to experimental, to fine art and pre-vis.  Somewhere in there, other forms have emerged such as historical drama and documentary, reportage and reconstruction, and education.

Please visit each of the links above in turn and give your thoughts and views on the draft definitions, using the Disqus boards at the bottom of each page.  Insight from you, the machinima community is of paramount importance to our study and we would like to learn from and incorporate as many of your views as possible.

[Screenshot taken from 'Push' by Lainy Voom]

Please add your thoughts and views below :-

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