Cultural Values of Machinima: Project Report

We’ve interviewed stakeholders in machinima to determine the different perspectives on its cultural values and impacts. Findings indicate a breadth of impacts on cultural and creative industries, including individual artists. The project report presents analysis of machinima, and quotes for each stakeholder group comprising machinimators, games developers and digital arts curators. There are many findings in relation to the specific cultural values associated with machinima in these stakeholder groups, but analysis also highlights some important and interesting areas for further development –

  • machinima is an important genre of digital art that is converging with filmmaking and other creative media in the finished quality of the work, yet remains unique in its mode of creativity and has value as a performative medium;
  • the originality and authorship of machinima work needs to be recognized and respected by games developers and streaming channel owners in particular;
  • the legal framework for digital cultural practices such as machinima is out of touch with stakeholder needs, and does not fully recognize the roles of co-creation between actors (content creators, creative and cultural industries) in creating cultural and economic value;
  • the nature of the virtual as contemporary ‘experience environment’, often evidenced through machinima works.
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    We’ve created four short machinimas focusing on themes emerging from the discussions with machinimators, based on focus group interviews and filmed in Second Life© (with our thanks to Tony Dyson & Chantal Harvey). To view the films, click here.

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